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The Holidays are fast approaching and as we gather around the table with friends and family, please keep fire safety in mind.  Fires as a result of unattended cooking are the leading cause toward home fires and injuries, especially during the holidays.  Simply stated – when cooking, stay in the kitchen.  It’s also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher close by, but if you don’t have one handily available, there are other means of dousing a fire in the kitchen.  For small grease fires on the stove, instead of water use a lid to cover the pot or pan, leaving the lid in place until the pot cools completely.  If a fire occurs in the oven, first turn it off and make sure to close the door.  In either case call 911 to have the fire department come out and take a look. If the fire seems out of hand then it probably is, so leave the house immediately closing the door behind you.  Closing the door helps limit the amount of air to fuel the fire, hopefully containing it until help arrives.   A few more tips to consider when cooking; be sure to keep oven mitts, towels, wooden utensils and food packaging away from the stove top; keep young children away from hot surfaces; and again, don’t leave the cooking unattended. 

We just turned our clocks back for the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Did you change the batteries in your smoke detectors?  It is recommended to change the batteries in smoke and CO detectors twice a year, usually in the spring and in the fall.  Are your detectors over 10 years old?  If so, it is recommended to replace them at 10 years because sensors may not be as effective.  They are monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks a year, never taking a day off.  Changing the batteries is a small expenditure for the job they do – alerting us early if there is a fire.  Please take the time to change these if you have not already done so.

Have you given any thought to being a fire fighter or EMT?  We are always looking for good people to join our ranks.  Please call or stop in on any Tuesday evening, we would be happy to talk with you.  If being a fire fighter or EMT doesn’t interest you, we could still use your help.  Please call for more details.  (262)692-2656.

The Officers and Members of the Waubeka Fire Department wish to extend to you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Jason D. Caswell

Fire Chief



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